McCoy Sweeps Three Triple Crown and Six Timmins Titles

It was a frigid cold weekend in Timmins for the Rockstar Championships. This was also the final for the Triple Crown series consisting of three races from Sault St Marie, Rouyan Noranda and of course Timmins. So there was a lot at stake here this weekend as Taylor went into the weekend with 1 Triple Crown points lead in the F-2 class and was down by 7 points in the other Junior 1 and 2 classes. So the day started off cold at -27 and Taylor was pumped to race. The track wasn’t as big as were used to but had some tight corners and one big jump in front of the stands. Taylors motto’s went without a hitch getting 1st and 2nd in all. Then the Finals came around which was going to be the deciding factor if he will gain points for the Triple Crown or not. The F-2 class Taylor pulled off a timminsSat_0140first securing the points for today. Then the Junior1 & 2 finals came up and Taylor needs to win these to gain points. Sure enough when the light went off Taylor pulled a hard start into the first jump and never slowed down. Taylor was doubling the woops and had a great rhythm going. In both classes Taylor came 1st giving him 3, 1st place finishes. After checking the points he’s still shy of getting the wins for the Triple Crown. So Tomorrow Taylor needs to win the junior 1 and 2 to secure the Triple Crown.

Sunday morning it was -32 at racers meeting but it was sunny, so we can’t complain. The track was changed a little and it was hard as a rock. There were no issues with Taylors sled yesterday so we didn’t have to do any repairs, that’s a first. So the first set of mott’s again went without a hitch with Taylor securing first positions for the finals. Now Taylor needs these wins to win the Crown in all classes. So the first final was the Junior 1. Taylor gets pushed out in the start and ends up in 5th in the first corner. After the next 1/2 lap Taylor skies the jump on the table top and passes 3 riders in the air. He’s now in 2nd position into the 3rd corner where he takes the inside and takes 1st place. At this point he clears the woops and is now in the lead by 10 sled lengths, taking the win. Then the junior 2 final. This time timminsSun_0504Taylor takes the first turn in the lead and never looks back taking the win in that race. The F-2 final Taylor gets the first corner again and takes a huge lead before the big table top jump securing him the win. So now the calculations had to be done to see where Taylor stands. And it turns out Taylor just made the 1 class by 1 point and 3 in the other giving Taylor all 3 triple Crown wins. So Taylor ended up on the podium with 6 titles in Timmins and he also won 3 Triple Crown titles making this a 9 podium win weekend for him. Way to go Taylor!

Next stop for McCoy’s Racing is March 8-9th in Sudbury, ON for the Sudbury Snowcross Championships! We hope to see you there!

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Taylor McCoy Sweeps the Titles at Lindsay

(February 11, 2014) – Saturdays first moto for Taylor was the Junior 1. The start he was given was looking good. Once the flag dropped Taylor got the hole shot and never looked back completing his Moto in 1st. In his other class the Junior 2 and the Junior F-2 was a repeat of the first moto. Taylor got out front and took the lead all the way to the finish.


Taylor’s second moto in Junior 1 was counted as a combined final. Taylor was pumped and ready to take the win, but had a horrible start as they all bunched up in the corner. Taylor managed to get around them and was back of the pack. Lap by lap Taylor made it to the front with only a half lap to go Taylor passed the remaining sleds and took the checkered flag. This gives him an overall 1st for the Junior 1. In the Next 2 classes the Junior 2 and F-2 Taylor slammed out of the hole both times in these finals and came out 1st overall in all. What a great Saturday for Taylor as he won all his classes.
Sunday morning was -27 and we were happy we left the sleds in the trailer. It was a cold start to the Junior 1 for Taylor but the cold didn’t seem to bother him. He punched out of the hole with 2 fellow riders to the first corner and then hit the first jump and flew his way to first. The next class again was the Junior 2 and Junior F-2. These races went without a hitch for Taylor taking a 1st in both classes.

Taylors first final was the Junior 1 where he ended up getting banged out at the first corner putting him in the back. Taylor rode as hard as he could but had a hard time passing as the track had very few spots to pass in the back. Eventually Taylor made it to the front on the last lap but could not pass Barnett’s. That put Taylor in 2nd in this Moto but he took 1st overall because of his earlier winning Moto. In his finals for the junior 2 and Junior F-2 it was a carbon copy of yesterday. Taylor took the hole shot and never looked back taking both 1st place wins.

This was a great weekend for Taylor as he has never had a weekend where he walks away with the title to all his races. 6 first place finishes.

We’re looking forward to a little break before the next race in Barrie in 2 weeks giving Taylor a chance to do some trail riding. Thanks to our team member and mechanic John Wachtler who especially keeps Taylors sleds in running condition and to all our valuable marketing partners:

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Dayco National season ender, Horseshoe resort Easter weekend

2proof13x19MCCOYS2013Dayco National Championships at Horseshoe Resort This past Easter weekend was truly the best track we have ever had in the CSRA. The track was over 1.6 Km long making it the longest track in CSRA history. The hill was amazing with over 15 ft of snow in some spots. The track consisted of 3 uphill runs up the entire hill and 2 straight down runs with jumps all the way down and a long winding pass in front of the resort. This track was not for the faintest of heart, it was a shear adrenaline hill.

DSC_3886The day started out with beautiful sunshine and balmy weather. In the 10 years we have been racing in the CSRA we have never seen so much snow here at Horseshoe and with the sun made it for a perfect race day. Kim started out the day by winning both the Pro Masters and Sport Masters races with a huge lead putting him on the Podium. Next Taylor decided, that this being the last race of the year, he wanted to move up to the Junior 2 class racing 17-18 year olds to see if he can do it. Not only was Taylor able to race that class but he ended up taking 2 nd in the finals. In His Junior 1 class Taylor ended up taking 2 nd in that final and in the F-2 and Novice 2 class he won both finals. The track at this point was starting to get sloppy and soft in the warm sun as the temps rose to 10 by noon. For Andrew and Cameron the track was reduced for them as the hill is too steep for the 300 novice sleds. So they made a track along the bottom of the hill for them that had the same huge jumps that everyone else had to do. The both raced in the qualifiers for the Novice “A” but only Cameron made it to the finals, where he crashed putting him at a 14 th place finish. Cameron did well in his Novice 1 class and finished in 6 th. The day went without a hitch and nothing broken by day end.

Sunday was the final race day of the year. All our hopes were to finish in top spots so we could get the Podium finishes again and seize the final wins in our respective classes. Today the weather wasn’t so great like yesterday, it was warm but cloudy and ready to rain at any moment. Kim went out and raced his finals in the Pro Masters and Sport masters and won both classes. This puts Kim in tied for 1 st in the Pro Masters for the year and with a good points lead he took the Sport Masters class also. So Kim was on the Podium twice for the final race of the year and overall, great way to finish. Taylor Raced his Junior 1 class and took a Podium 1 st in that final. His next class was the Junior 2 class where he races his heart out against the older boys and pulled off a Podium 2 nd finish. Taylors final races were the Novice 2 class where he’s the points leader at this point. Taylor had a bad hole shot and found it hard to gain ground but managed to get back to a 5 th place finish. This was still enough for Taylor to take the Championship 1 st for the Novice 2 for the season. Taylors final race was the F-2 class where he had a great hole shot and managed to keep in the front all the way to the finish line winning the race and taking the 2 nd overall for the season. Next was Andrews turn in the Novice A class where he and Cameron raced their Mottos but only Andrew made the finals. In the finals Andrew pulled off a 12th place finish putting him in 14 th overall for the season. Cameron ended up 6 th overall in the same class for the year.eens_hssun_0500 The Novice B class both Andrew and Cameron didn’t make the finals but both did well overall considering it’s their first year on the big sleds. Andrew came in 8 th overall for the season and Cameron was 11 th. Cameron did race the Novice 1 class at a few select races this season and despite the few he did race, he ended up placing 8 th overall for the season. What a season the team had, way to go boys. The fun of being at the track with the family and friends all season long is hard to explain, it’s like were all a big family. Now that the door has closed on yet another season we can only look forward and hoping we see all the same faces next year. Again we’d like to thank Ken and the CSRA staff for making this happen and to all our team members and family. Of course we want to thank all our sponsors. Dayco-HMK-Graphic Encounters-McCoys Decorating-OSM-Gamma-Fly-Fullerton Pac-Wahta Springs-Stud Boy-Castrol-Swabbies-Kleen Flo-Primus-Clean Media-Fly-Dragon.

Sudbury Downs Championships & Rockstar Energy Finals

Sudbury Downs Championships and the Rockstar Energy Finals at Chicopee resort resulted in the team being on the Podium 12 times. The track in Sudbury was great as usual and plenty of snow there for the CSRA to make a long and hilly track with some good kickers. 13kitchnersat_0512The weekend went without a hitch for the team. As soon as the races started there was no stopping Taylor as he won all his 6 races for the weekend getting 4-1 st place finishes and 2-2 nd Place finishes. Kim also had a great weekend winning all his mottos resulting in him taking home a 1st in both his Pro and Masters Classes. Andrew and Cameron also raced well with the tough competition that showed up there in their classes with both of them getting top 10 in all their Novice A-B classes. With the wins this weekend Kim and Taylor ended up winning the Triple Crown Series for the northern region, giving them lots of prizes from Stud Boy, Amzoil, Dayco and free tickets and ride to the super cross in Toronto on the weekend of the Chicopee races.

The Rockstar Energy Championships at Chicopee Resort was amazing as they had the most snow they have ever had in the history of CSRA. Considering the last 2 years it had to be cancelled due to the lack of snow, this was a great surprise. 13kitchnersun_0032The track was much larger than we have ever had there before making it a nice technical track. Having this track didn’t make it easy on our team this weekend as Kim crashed in one of his races and couldn’t race his finals, but he still pulled off a 3rd and 4th with a bad back. Taylor had about the same results but it was his 550 sled that was destroyed on one of the jumps, preventing him from racing the finals on that sled. He did win all the races in his other classes on his 600. So Taylor ended up with 3-1sts and a 4th-5th. It’s a good thing he won all his first mottos so he was able to stay in the top 5. Andrew and Cameron had some good races but found the track a little overwhelming for the 300s. The hill climb on the start was straight up and that proved the most difficult. Once they passed that top corner it was hard to move up spots as the track had some big holes in the corners and they all ended up following in a line and had very few chances to make a pass as the next corner wasn’t too far away. They both raced their best and ended up in the top 10 in their novice A-B classes. Great racing boys. So the final round is next weekend and we have a whole sled to rebuild in that time. Hope we can.


Royal Distributing Cup and Valcourt Quebec.

Round 2 of Lindsay Royal Distributing Cup was a mix of great success and some disappointments. During the week prior to arriving, Lindsay had received over a foot of well needed snow. The track was changed a little from the prior week, with a bigger table top and lots of fresh powder on the track. The bare spots from the week before were all gone and completely covered with a good base, perfect for another round of racing.

3The day started out with Taylor in the Junior 1 class where he ended up in 4th. Next was his F-2 class where he finished on the Podium in 2nd, then the trouble begun with his 550. Taylor went out in his Novice 2 class where he had a strong lead, and then on the last lap he blew a belt and managed to finish in 6th. At this time we checked the clutching and thought we could hear something rattling. After we dealt with that issue we thought we had it all taken care of. Sunday was the day we realized it was something more serious. Taylor went out on his 600 in the Junior 1 and had a bad hole shot and fought his way up to a 9th place. Then we realized that his 550 had a crank bearing going in it. With little time before he started torace, there was not much we could do. So we didn’t tell Taylor that the rattle he was hearing was his bearing about to blow. With our fingers crossed, Taylor went out in his F-2 class and was nervous about the rattle and held off on the throttle. He ended up taking a 6th. His final race was the Novice 2 class where he’s holding 1st overall right now. So we told him to pin it and not to worry about the noise as its nothing to worry about. When the flag was dropped Taylor did just that and pinned it. After the first lap he had a huge lead and held onto it till the finish, taking a 1st place Podium. At this point the motor was shot, but he finished the weekend on top.


Lindsay Amsoil Cup Feb 2-3 2013

win-lindsay2Lindsay Cup races this weekend lands Taylor McCoy on the Podium. Not only was it his 1st podium finish where he receives his award in front of a crowd on a Rockstar Podium, but it was a special award for him as this was the Kyle Knox memorial award. Kyle was dear to Taylor, and all of us on the McCoy team, as Kyle spent many weekends with us over the years in our trailer being a big brother to Taylor and playing practical jokes along with being a mentor to Taylor. So it was important to Taylor to win this weekend to honor Kyle’s memory.

Rouyn-Noranda Quebec Jan 19-20th. 2013

The coldest race of the year was upon us, yes Rouyn Noranda Quebec. After the long 6 hour drive we arrived at the site at minus -28. We set up the trailer and managed to get everything going without a glitch. We headed to the hotel for the warmth and hoped the trailer would be warm by morning. The next morning it was -32 when we headed to the track, and I prayed the heat stayed on in the trailer. When we arrived the heat was on and all was good.

After a very cold practice it managed to warm up to a (more…)

Cochrane Jan 12-13

It was a good thing that we decided to leave Thursday morning as we heard the weather was going to be bad late Thursday and Friday. After a smooth dry ride up and setting up at midnight it was time to settle in. The next morning we woke up to hear that the highway was closed in New Liskeard and in 2 other locations, preventing all the other teams from arriving. We went to the track and did some tuning and maintenance. There were only a handful of teams We were lucky that we left on the Thursday morning to Cochrane, as we heard that nasty weather was coming for in the parking lot when we left at 7pm as the highway didn’t reopen till 5pm.

Saturday morning was delayed as many people showed up over the night. The track was like a super cross track with 3 switch backs. It had a bit of everything for everyone on this track, fast, Sharpe corners and a big jump at the table top. (more…)

Calabogie Season Opener

We didn’t  think it was going to happen with the warm weather we had, but thanks to the staff of Calabogie Resort they managed to make and maintain just enough snow to make the weekend a success. Thanks to Ken and the staff of the CSRA for pulling off a great weekend despite the mushy conditions we had on Saturday.

This year has brought some changes to the team, one was that 3 racers have moved up in classes, and  the other is that 2 racers are riding on larger sleds too. (more…)

2013 Toronto Snowmobile Show

 The Toronto Snowmobile show was a great success and it was great to see many of our sponsors and friends all under 1 roof. The boys participated in the DAYCO challenge and had a great time. City Tv, CTV, and CP24 were on hand for the weekend and the whole team ended up being interviewed at one point or another on live TV. During the show we ended up connecting with some new sponsors such as Bio-Kleen, Wahta Water Springs, Castrol and Primus. We want to welcome them aboard and thank them for their support this coming season. We are still talking with others and stay tuned through the season as we will post new sponsors as soon as possible. We want to thank Mike Blakoe from OSM for having us in the show again this year and thank them for their past and present support. Not long and we will be at out first event a Calabogie Resort in Ottawa on December 7th, we look forward to seeing everyone there. Follow us on our Facebook page as that’s updated often with behind the scenes pictures of us getting ready for the up coming season

Final race of the year is one for the Teams books

What a way to end the Season this past weekend. 9 Podium finishes as Team McCoys dominates the finals.

2013 Season Final Results

Kim tied for (1st) place in the Pro Masters,Also took (1st) in Sport Masters. Taylor Novice 2-(1st), F-2-(2nd) Andrew Novice A-(14th), Novice B-(8th). Cameron Novice 1-(8th), Novice A-(6th), Novice B-(11th)

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