McCoys Racing Team Profiles:

 McCoys Racing Rider Profiles for the 2017 CSRA season


Name: Kim McCoy
Race #: 336 now Retired / Team Owner
Years involved in Racing: 14 years
Division/Class: 2008-2013 Pro Masters/ Sport Masters
After racing for 5 years Kim decided, after winning both championships, to focus more on the day to day running’s of the team. It was difficult to race and try to help out with the team at the same time. Kim now enjoys being with the boys on the line before and after the races.
Accomplishments: 2013 Pro Masters & Sport Masters Champion, 2012 Pro Masters 3rd & Sport Masters 2nd. 2011 Pro Masters 3rd & Sport Masters 3rd, 2010- Sport Masters 3rd, 2007- placing 3rd in the Pro 30 class at the ISOC finals in Geneva Wisconsin. Kim’s the owner of McCoy’s Decorating in Muskoka, and has been operating for 28 years now.


Name: John Wachtler
Team Mechanic
John has been the team Mechanic for 6 years now and has been a vital part of the teams operations. John is also the father of racer #139 Cameron, who has been racing since the 120’s. John runs his own marine repair business in Muskoka,  J.W. Marine Services, when the race sleds are away.

Name: Taylor McCoy
Race #: 335
Years Racing: 13 years
Division/Class: Sport 500 / Sport 600
Crew: John Wachtler, Kim McCoy, Mike Hughes
Goals: To be in the top 3 in the Pro Lite
Why I Race: It’s a thrill being on the track and racing. I also have made many close friends over the years. It’s also great to hang with my sister and parents all winter.
Accomplishments: 2015 CSRA National Sport 500 and National Sport 600 Champion, 2014 Junior 1 Champion, Junior 2 Champion, Junior F-1 Champion, BRP rider of the year award, CSRA Most improved Junior rider of the year trophy, Both Junior 1&2 Triple Crown Championships. 2013 Novice 2 Champion, 2012-2nd place in both Novice 2 & Junior F-1, 2011- 2nd Novice 2, 2010- 3rd Novice A. 2009-2004 top 3 in the 120 class.
-Taylor is looking forward to racing in the Pro Lite class this year and also participate in some ISOC events.
Name: Cameron Wachtler
Race #: 139
Years Racing: 7 years
Division/Cass: Junior 600 class
Crew: John Wachtler, Kim McCoy, Mike Hughes
Goals: To make it to the Podium in both classes as much as possible.
Why I Race: I like to race and love getting big air. I also like to hang out with my track buddies.
Accomplishments: Moved up to the transition class last year and came in 3rd overall.
-Cameron is looking forward to riding hi new machine this year in the junior 600 class.
Name: Andrew Hughes
Race #: 337
Years Racing: 7 years
Division/Class: Junior 600 class
Crew: John Wachtler, Kim McCoy, Mike Hughes
Goals: To have fun and do the best that I can this year.
Why I Race: I like to race with my friends and spend time with family and friends.
Accomplishments: Last year I was 1 point away from finishing 3rd overall.
– Andrew is looking forward to racing his new sled in the Junior 600 class.

Kelly McCoy / Starleen & Mike Hughes

Kelly, Mike and Star are a big part of the team even though they may not be seen on the line all the time. The background work they do is as important as the rest of the team. They help with the regular duties in the trailer trying to keep it organized and prepare meals and simple things like bringing us all coffee’s on those cold mornings. They’re as crucial to the team as the team itself and their efforts are very much appreciated. The support of the teams family brings everyone closer and sure does help on the line when cheering on or just hanging out in the race pits.